Long Beach Declares Itself A Sanctuary City

The Long Beach City Council has approved new protections for illegal immigrants that reside in the city. The so-called sanctuary city law will prohibit local law enforcement and officials from collecting information about a person's immigration status. 

The "Long Beach Values Act" expanded a restriction on how local officials can cooperate or notify federal immigration authorities unless legally obligated to do so by a court order. 

First District Council member Lena Gonzalez led the charge for to pass the resolution, but did not agree with including 'exceptions' known as 'cutouts' such as contacting Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers about someone who had been convicted of a serious crime. 

Gonzalez says raids by ICE have scared a lot of citizens in Long Beach. 

"Wherever you come from, we certainly need to build a city of inclusivity, and a city where you know you're welcomed." 

Gonzalez says the new law only affects local officials. 

"That still unfortunately does not deter federal agents from coming in and deporting our neighbors." 

U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit last week against California's so-called "Sanctuary State" laws, including SB-54, a bill that restricts the amount of information police officers are allowed to share with federal agents. 

Photo: Getty Images

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