ICE Violates Sanctuary City Policy in San Francisco

The San Francisco Sheriff's Department allowed ICE officers to interview one of their inmates which is a violation of California's sanctuary city laws as well as against jail policy. Their department has a policy of not cooperating with ICE agents and communication with the agency is strictly forbidden. They also ban immigration officers from access or information when it comes to inmates. 

On Thursday, March 8, two ICE officers attempted to interview inmates in two separate San Francisco jails. The ICE officers were given interview rooms and while one inmate refused to meet with them, a different inmate agreed. 

The consenting inmate was informed by the Sheriff's that ICE was interviwing him to get information that will help them detain and deport him after his release from jail. Sheriff Vicki Hennessey explained that this policy had been in effect prior to her being elected in 2015 and that ICE was exposing 'weak points' in their system. She is fully investigating the incident. 

“My staff made a mistake and I have to hold myself accountable,” she said. “I apologize on behalf of the department. I feel embarrassed by it. I’ve taken steps to make sure it never happens again.” 

Read more at the SF Gate 

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