Villaraigosa's Plan to Defeat Newsom in Governor Race

Antonio Villaraigosa may have a plan to oust Gavin Newsom in their race to be the governor of California. Newsom has a detailed plan to bring state run, single payer health insurance to Californians. Accomplishing this would be incredibly costly, complicated, and controversial. 

A single payer healthcare plan would cost $400 billion A YEAR. Compare that to Governor Brown's proposed budget for EVERYTHING for the next fiscal year at $190 billion. Newsom's plan is more than double for just one program. 

"They're selling snake oil," says Villaraigosa, a former Los Angeles mayor and state Assembly speaker. 

Villaraigosa has challenged Newsom to a healthcare debate, we'll just have to wait and see. 

Read the full rundown at the LA Times 

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