Police Prepared for Protests and Trump Visit

President Trump is set to make his first visit to California since taking office. His official itinerary has not been released but he is expected to visit border wall prototypes on Tuesday in San Diego and then travelinto Beverly Hills to attend an RNC/reelection fundraiser Wednesday evening 

No major protests are being publicized but one has been scheduled in Beverly Hills to occur between 4-8pm Tuesday afternoon. It was set up by a Facebook group called 'Trump Not Welcome in LA'. The LAPD is also gearing up for more protests on the Westside as Trump's schedule becomes available. 

"I anticipate many more once his itinerary is known," said LAPD Deputy Chief Dennis Kato, who oversees the department's West Bureau. 

Police in San Diego are also expecting some protests as Trump's visit to check out border wall prototypes sparking a local ban on the possession of rocks, bottles, and bats in the surrounding areas of where the President will be visiting 

Read more about Trump's trip to California at the LA Times 

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