Controversial City Pension Program Rife with Fraud

A retired LAPD officer has been arrested after it was revealed that he scammed nearly a quarter of a million dollars after joining the controversial deferred retirement option plan (DROP). The DROP program pays veteran cops and firefighters their pension and salary simultaneously for up to five years in a bid to encourage them to stay employed with their various departments. 

The officer in questions is Terry Johns. He joined DROP in 2014 and a month later had to go on extended medical leave due to 'back problems'. During his time off he collected nearly $250,000 in pension and salary and retired two years later in 2016. 

During Johns' time off, LAPD Internal Affairs, conducted an investigation and found that he was participating in activities inconsistent with the injuries he claimed to have. In independent investigation performed the the LA Times found more than 1,200 public safety employees joined DROP and immediately went on medical/injury leave and that the program paid out more than $1.6 billion. 

Read the full report at the LA Times 

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