#TechTalk: Amping Up Your Amazon Prime Video

With people moving away from TV, well at least watching TV when it is actually on-air, and moving towards on-demand and streaming services, it is always helpful to know how to really use your device.

One of the popular options is Amazon Prime Video.

Here's 6 super helpful tips for how to get the most out of the device.

  1. Keep it for later - download TV shows to a device to keep you occupied later on
  2. X-Ray all day - learn all sorts of fun facts and info with the IMDb feature
  3. Check out the themes - there are way more than most people know are even there
  4. Voice command - just tell it what to do, you don't need a remote
  5. Parental controls - there's a lot of fun stuff available, too fun for kids
  6. Closed captioning - you can still enjoy all of your shows if you're deaf or hard of hearing

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