Texas Candidate Receives $87,500 in Deer Semen

Apparently, if you're a deer breeder in Texas who wants to support a political campaign, but does not have the money to back it - don't fret. 

A candidate for the South Texas state House seat have received $87,500 worth of deer semen to their campaign donation funds. 

Lisa Garza says that of that number $36,500 was monetary and $51,000 is in the form of frozen deer semen straws. Her campaign has valued the straws at $1000 each. 

Deer semen is actually a pretty common way to donate says Fred Gonzalez, treasurer of the Texas Deer Association. 

“Semen is a very common way for us to donate,” Gonzalez said. “One collection on a buck could lead to 60 straws sometimes. If you have a desirable animal, it’s a way to bring value without breaking the bank.”

Garza's campaign plans to auction off the straws. 

Read the full story at The Hill

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