42% of Non-smokers Believe They Deserve 3-5 More Vacation Days

A good percentage of non-smokers believe they deserve more vacation days than their coworkers who are smokers. 

Of the 1005 adults interviewed, 42% on non-smokers would like to expand their vacation by 3-5 more days. 28% of smokers were actually in favor of that time as well. 

The amount of time smokers spend on breaks just may shock you. The average smoker spends about 6 days a year on work breaks. Non-smokers have raised complaints about the work productivity.

One company has already implemented the extra days, Japan's Piala has added a total of 6 extra days for their nonsmoking employees. 

What do you think? Should non-smokers get extra vacation days?

Read the full story at USA Today

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