#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelor Report with Petros

We're almost there, guys.  

It's just this week and next week and then we'll be free from the dullard that is the bachelor.

Gosh, Arie sucks!

Sorry, we're not there yet...

So, on the women tell all episode, it was basically all about Krystal, her voice, and her getting dumped.  It really was quite nice to see.

Then, Arie took the remaining girls down to Machu Picchu where he continued to suck.

He compared dune buggies to love and was almost out-manned by one of the girl's ex-boyfriend's. (That part was actually pretty sweet.)

Maybe this week wasn't all that bad after all.

You can get all of that brain cell killing action right here, with the Bachelor Report with Petros Papadakis!

Still have a hankering for Petros?  You can get as much as you desire at AM570 LA Sports

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