Violent Attack At San Bernardino Convenience Store Caught On Camera

A San Bernardino convenience store worker ended up in the hospital after a brutal attack that was caught on camera. 

The incident happened at a 76 gas station on Highland Ave and the 210 freeway. Around 5:30 a.m., a customer came in, demanding the clerk give him free gas. When the clerk refused, the man knocked over a display of champagne and wine, and then went behind the store counter. 

That's when the clerk attempts to defend himself. Using a baseball bat he kept hidden behind the counter, the clerk swung at the attacker, but the suspect kept trying to take the bat away from the clerk. After getting the clerk to the ground, the man continues to rain blows down on him, punching the clerk in the face several times. 

At one point, the attacker can be seen grabbing a champagne bottle and slamming it over the 76 clerk's head. That's when the attacker managers to get the the clerk's bat away from him, and begins striking him in the head. 

The clerk gives up the fight and tries to run, but the suspect continues chasing him, and assaults him outside. 

Officials say once the attack was finished, the suspect can be seen getting into a white sedan with what appears to be several other people inside. Anyone with any information about the attack is being urged to call the San Bernardino police department. 

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