Man Says He Lost $5000 in a Monkey Scam

One man was determined to be different. So much so that he fell victim to an online monkey scam. In his opinion, the ultimate way to really distinguish yourself among peers is to own a monkey. 

Don Abrego was ecstatic from his fortune of finding a monkey supposedly located in Hawaii for just $400. 

Trouble in paradise soon came after that initial payment cleared. The shipper used every excuse under the book as a reason to why the monkey could not be delivered and more money was needed. Abrego found himself sending Amazon gift cards ranging from $400 to $500 to cover flight fees, vaccinations etc. 

Drug store employees where Abrego made the gift card purchases were extremely skeptical of his transaction. 

"They tried to warn me almost every single time I went to a Walgreens or a CVS, and I bought a gift card. I would say six times out of eight, they were like 'You're being scammed. Whatever you're doing, you're being scammed,'" said Abrego. 

After spending nearly $5000, Abrego finally understood he was definitely being scammed and would not be getting his money back. Although most of his money has gone to the scammers pockets, Abrego was able to recover the initial $400 back from PayPal. 

Better luck next time, Bub!

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