Wild Car Chase Ends Bloody

If you love a good car chase as much as we do then I hope you didn't miss this one. This evening, a violent car jacking in Orange County took place for nearly thirty minutes. 

The suspect, who was originally wanted for assaulting a police officer, led police on a wild chase. The first half of his chase took place inside of a black pick up truck where he recklessly navigated the freeway. 

He then violently carjacked a woman by ramming his pickup truck into her Audi and ripping her out. 

Once in the next vehicle, the suspects attempts to get away was hindered by evening traffic. He quickly busted a tire and eventually ruined the car by crashing into various objects. 

The real excitement came when the suspect attempted to run from the dead Audi. He didn't get far before a K-9 rushed after him knocking him down. Over the next few seconds the tackle quickly turned vicious as the K-9 sank his teeth into the mans arm splattering blood on the street. Whoah!

Check it out below!

Read more at NBC Los Angeles 

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