Venice Blvd Road Diet Is Causing More Accidents

We were able to successfully end the horrible road diet in Playa Del Rey, but the traffic nightmare continues for the people dealing with the road diet on Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista.

One perfectly good lane of traffic was taken away on each side and replaced with a parking and bike lane, leaving only two traffic lanes each way. The road diets sprung on us by L.A. Councilman Mike Bonin and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti were done in the name of "safety," but they want to slow down traffic to get you out of your car.

It looks like the road diet isn't doing much to make things safer. John Russo of Keep LA Moving says accidents have gone up 20% and injuries have shot up 43% since the changes were made in May 2017.

Selena Inouye of Restore Venice told CBS2 Los Angeles:

“We have a neighborhood traffic watch program. We’ve documented 47 accidents since May 20th, 2017."

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