Success From Scratch: Wana Brands

Nancy Whiteman said she always thought she was 'too quirky' for corporate life.

So, when a job landed her in Colorado, and shortly after the state legalized pot for medicinal use, (and later for recreational use) she saw an opportunity to take her quirkiness and throw it into a new business. 

Inspired by the father of one of her daughter's friends, who was trying to create a THC infused-soda, she decided to get into the business of infusing products with pot to sell to local dispensaries.

They called the company 'Wana' and they tried a bunch of products like:

  • pot brownies
  • pot cookies
  • chocolate chews

But it would be their pot gummies that would break the bank in Colorado.

Their Wana Brand sour gummies are the top selling edibles in all of Colorado. Last year, the company brought in more than $12 million in sales, as Colorado's pot business as a whole saw more than $1 billion in profits.   

Check out the Wana Brands website

Listen to today's Success From Scratch segment with Wayne Resnick. 

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