Huge Shark Proves to be too Much for Two-Man Crew

A two-man fishing crew off the South Carolina coast bit off more than they could chew after catching a 10-foot-long shark...and that was just the first catch.

Captain Chip Michalove says he and his friend were only a few miles off Hilton Head when the first shark took the bait. 

"I couldn't tell if it was a male or female, but it took the bait right by the port side motor and looked to be about 9-10 feet long -- perfect size for the two of us."

However, it was only 15 minutes later that a second, LARGER, shark hooked their line.

"The next thing that happened is something I've never seen with a great white shark. In less than 10 minutes after losing the 9- to 10-footer, we connect to a behemoth, an entirely different shark. She smoked the reel and we're off.

Michalove, who works with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy in Massachusetts, says the shark was estimated to be about 16 feet long and about 3,000 pounds.

He tagged the shark and released her back so scientist's can track her.

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