Uber Introduces New Ridesharing Option

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Uber introduced a ride-sharing option in Los Angeles today that the company claims will result in more streamlined trips when multiple people share a car.

Like Uber's existing Pool option, its new Express Pool service will match riders heading in the same direction with a single driver. While the Pool service picks up riders at a specific location, Express Pool instructs the rider to walk to and from nearby pickup and drop-off spots.

The result is an option that is up to 50 percent cheaper than existing Pool rides and up to 75 percent cheaper than Uber's traditional X service, according to the company.

``With Express Pool, riders wait a few minutes up front for ride details, and walk to and from nearby spots for pick up and drop off,'' according to Uber. ``Walking and waiting helps make more matches and provide better routes with fewer detours, ultimately delivering an even more affordable option to consumers.''

The service was introduced Wednesday in Los Angeles, San Diego and Denver after being tested in San Francisco and Boston in the fall.

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