More Money Needed for Homeless Encampment Sweeps

Los Angeles has an endless (and growing) list of requests to clean up homeless encampments.  

The Clean Streets Los Angeles program started by Mayor Eric Garcetti has more than 6,000 submitted requests to clean up citywide homeless encampments. 

To catch up on this backlog the Bureau of Sanitation has asked for $17 million, more than double the amount budgeted for the Clean Streets program. Anna Bahr, spokesperson for Garcetti's office, says that the mayor supports increased funding for cleaning and homeless outreach efforts. 

"The current demand for encampment cleanups is outpacing the city's ability to service them," Bahr said. 

The backlog demonstrates the difficulty in cleaning up the camps, with residents and businesses complaining about illegal activities, drugs, and human waste at the sites. Meanwhile, the homeless complain that their belongings get taken away during these clean sweeps. 

Meanwhile, many are questioning the overall point of cleaning the camps. Often, the homeless move back in hours or days after the sites are cleared. 

Read more at the LA Times 

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