Car Thief Makes Victim Stop For Fast-Food

A full day of errands doesn't sound to out of the norm. Except when you consider the fact that a car thief is making you drive around for his errands! 

An 84-year-old woman's day was stolen from her when 31-year-old Brett Engel, jumped into the woman's car, sending her onto a crime spree. 

Holding a box cutter, Engel instructed the woman to drive to her bank and withdrawal $200. After, the woman was told to drive to Wendy's restaurant, where the car thief could grab a quick bite to eat. 

It doesn't end there! Engel then forced the woman to drive him first to a gas station and then to a White Castle restaurant, where he conducted a drug deal. 

Nope, still does not end there. Engel then forced the elder woman to drive him to a couple of apartment complexes as he sat in the car injecting himself with drugs. Finally, their errand run ended at another gas station.

Engel was later identified on the gas station surveillance cameras and picked up by authorities. No more free rides for him.

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