Gun Control Rallies Held All Over California

Hundreds of protesters filled Los Angeles' Pershing Square on Monday to protest the NRA and support new legislation on guns less than a week after another mass shooting left 17 people dead at a Florida high school. 

Protesters joined rallies all across California as activists said the time had come to talk about new legislation on gun control. Drain the NRA founder Laura Menino told a crowd of protesters in L.A. that they needed to mobilize for the 2018 midterm elections and that politicians who accept money from the NRA need to be tossed from office. 

"As long as the NRA has a stranglehold on Congress, and our statehouses and our governor's mansions, our politicians won't do anything about gun violence until we do something about them and the NRA."  

Menino also said it will take more than just voting in the right politicians. People will also need to send a message to the NRA with their pocketbook.

"Boycott and divest from NRA and its corporate partners, particularly those companies that offer discounts and benefits to NRA members." 

One student at the demonstration said her generation has had to grown up dealing with the fear of mass shootings. 

"But what it comes down to is for you adults to vote. Vote for representatives and congresspeople who will support this comprehensive gun legislation," the student told KFI's Kris Ankarlo. 

Protesters say they want legislators to pass legislation for universal background checks, as well as a new assault weapons ban. 

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