Girl Scouts Leaders Say Parents Control Where Cookies Are Sold

If you've stepped outside of your home in the last month you've no doubt seen little girl scouts selling a variety of cookies. 

Even if you have stayed inside, you've probably seen them in the news. Many people have had a few comments regarding cookies being sold in front of marijuana dispensaries. 

Some asked how could parents allow their children to be in such a setting. Others have commended the girls for thinking of such a "smart business move."

The Girl Scouts of Colorado have released a statement  to clarify how the feel about the situation. 

“Girl Scouts of Colorado allows troop leaders and families to determine the best location for My Sales. All My Sales sites are subject to approval. We feel our role is to help girls develop self-confidence and good decision-making skills that will help them make wise choices in all areas of their lives. Parents or guardians make all decisions regarding participation in council Booth Sales or My Sales. Girl Scouts of Colorado reminds all participants that when you are selling Girl Scout Cookies you are representing Girl Scouts.”

What do you think? Should Girl Scouts be allowed to sell their cookies in front of marijuana dispensaries?

Read more at CBS Denver

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