DCF Releases Records on the Florida Shooting Suspect

The Florida Department of Children and Families has released the mental health records they have on school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz.

The records show that protective services was called in 2016 because there were allegations that Cruz was being victimized by his mother.

However, after an investigation DCF found no indications of abuse or neglect.

DCF also says Cruz was taking medication, but was not committed to a mental health facility and at the time did not own a firearm.

DCF Secretary Mike Carroll released a statement following the release of the report:

"DCF is absolutely heartbroken and disgusted by last week’s tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Once we learned that the shooter had involvement with the agency in 2016, we immediately began the process of asking a court to release these records detailing DCF’s only involvement with this person. We also conducted a thorough review to confirm that all processes and procedures were followed.

In these investigations, DCF relies on the expertise of mental health professionals and law enforcement and these records show that DCF took the steps to involve these partners in investigating this alleged abuse. Cruz was receiving mental health services before, during, and after our investigation was closed, he was living with his mother, and attending school.

Our focus will continue to be on working with our partners to best serve Florida’s communities."

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