Brain Eating Parasite Found in Mans Eyeball

*Warning video below may contain sensitive content*

A little black dot on a mans eyeball turned out to be something to actually fear. 

This past holiday season, a meal of under-cooked pork left a Florida man, Sam Cordero, with a brain eating tapeworm. The parasite migrated throughout his body and was found residing in his left eyeball. If the parasite traveled any further to his brain, Cordero would have been subject to seizures as the parasite would eat tiny holes in his brain. 

“I see a little black dot and it’s only on the left eye. I see something moving from left to right. When the sun comes out it bothers me a lot,” Cordero said. 

Dr. Don Perez of the Perez Eye Center said that it was important to pull out the parasite before it died in Cordero's eye because it could have caused blindness. Whoah! 

There have only been 20 cases worldwide of this particular worm. 

The parasite has sucessfully been removed, but Cordero says he will never eat pork again! 

Read more at NY Post 

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