KFI's Kris Ankarlo Learns What It's Like To Be a Cop

It isn't every day you're given the chance to see what life on the beat is like, but that's what KFI's Kris Ankarlo got to do on Tuesday as he joined the Anaheim Police Department and several other reporters for a ride along they'll never forget. 

Kris was given the opportunity to play through three different use of force scenarios that Anaheim Police deal with every single day. In the video below, you can watch Kris's experience through the body camera he was wearing. 

In his first test as a cop, Kris pulled over a silver minivan that had no plates. When the driver refused to keep his hands on the wheel, Kris instructed him to get out of the van. But, that's when things went wrong. Then the driver reached for a cell phone, Kris fired, thinking it was a gun. 

The second scenario didn't go much better. 

This time Kris was given the opportunity to detain a suspected shoplifter who had just left a store. However, the perpetrator refused to follow our reporter's commands and just kept walking away. Kris attempted to tase the suspect before he got away, but, unfortunately, the utlitity belt was on the side of crime. Kris was unable to pull his taser out of his belt, missing the opportunity to collar the crook. 

In the final scenario Kris was given the opportunity to deal with a disgruntled employee (who was a 'gun nut') who was complaining about not being paid for his work. As it turned out, the disgruntled employee had a gun, and pulled it on our officer for the day. Fortunately, Kris was a quickdraw and managed to take out the suspect before anyone else got hurt. 

Sgt. Darren Wyatt said the exercise was designed to help people understand what goes through a cop's mind during an officer involved shooting. 

"Really, the goal of the exercise was not to change your mind, and opinions, but to educate. Let the reporters see the kind of scenarios that police officers go through each and every day." 

Wyatt says more than 205,000 people came into contact with Anaheim police last year. Of those, less than one percent required any use of force. 

Kris says he valued the opportunity, but, he admits, he's just not that good of a cop. 

KFI's Kris Ankarlo reports on his experience as a cop in Anaheim. 

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