#TastyTuesday: Aphrodisiac Awareness & Couples Cooking

Valentine's Day will be here soon.

Like, tomorrow...

With the holiday of love just one sleep away, the age old question comes up, yet again...

How do I get to my partner to want to do a little more than "sleep" after dinner?

Well, many people turn to aphrodisiacs.

Problem is, which foods actually work?

A very unscientific poll was administered and the results are in...

The sexy foods are: oysters, avocado, basil, chocolate, honey, pomegranates, and alcohol (assuming it doesn't put you to sleep)

The not-so-sexy foods are: asparagus, almonds, banana, and chili peppers

Read the full story at Serious Eats

Still have no idea what to do for Valentine's Day?  

Tired of all the played-out ideas?

What about cooking with you partner?

Check out some great, easy things you can make!

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