Lawsuit Alleges Disneyland Social Clubs Are Acting Like Gangs

It looks like the happiest place on Earth may not be quite as happy as you might think.

Apparently, (you may already know about these, but we didn't), there are social clubs at Disneyland.  They are groups of Disneyland superfans that go out and enjoy the park together, but have no official connection to the park.

A recent lawsuit lays out what appears to be gang-like tactics being employed by the leader of the White Rabbits Social Club, Jakob Fite.

In this lawsuit, John Sarno, one of the founders of the Main Street Fire Station 55 club, says that Fite approached him with four other White Rabbits and demanded that they pay him $500 to protect those that would be participating in the Main Street Fire Station 55 memorial walk and fundraiser for 9/11.

Sarno also claims that Fite spoke maliciously about him on his podcast and social media sites.

The lawsuit also says that Fite spread Sarno's medical information to "unauthorized users."

Fite contests all of these claims.

Read the full story at Los Angeles Times

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