Travel Expert Boosts California Tourism After Wildfires

Looking for a special place to take your sweetie during the Valentines Day weekend? California might be the answer you're looking for. Whether you're a fan of redwoods, wine, beaches, or skiing, there are plenty of romantic getaways available to you that are only a few hours away. 

TV travel expert Jeanenne Tornatore says places like Napa Valley's wine country are a great option, and the area isn't as devastated by last year's wildfires as many people think. 

"The fact is, that you know, even a week after the fires, more than 400 wineries were open for business and hosting guests. There were only really a small number of wineries in Napa Valley that were severely affected," Tornatore said. 

Because of the rumors about devastation, business for the area has been slower than normal. That's led tourist destinations to offer extra incentives for potential travelers to come spend money with them on Valentine's Day. 

"You'll find Valentine's packages that include things like 'Champagne Toast for the Couple,' or 'Couple's Spa Services,' and those types of added odd amenities to really get people in over the Valentines Day weekend," Tornatore said. 

Travelers aren't just getting a great deal, Tornatore said you would also be helping the people who live and work in those small towns that have been struggling since the wildfires hit. 

"The California tourism, and local tourism agencies have really been trying to get the word out that this is a great time of year to come to these destinations, they're open for business, and it's really a crucial part of their economy, especially for so many of these small businesses. 

Photo: Getty Images

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