Homeless encampment fire off the 170 Freeway

Another homeless encampment, another fire in the city of Los Angeles. KFI reporter Andrew Mollenbeck spotted a fire off the 170 Freeway at Vanowen in North Hollywood and discovered that there was a homeless encampment where the blaze started.

He posted to Twitter:

"While no cause has been announced, there are bikes, water jugs and a tarp where the fire started. LA has recently become concerned with the fire risk of homeless encampments."

This week we learned that the city of Los Angeles counted 191 homeless encampments, but this one in North Hollywood didn't get counted because it was not a "fire danger risk." That means there are way more encampments out there, they're all fire risks!

L.A. city leaders say climate change is responsible for the fires instead of taking responsibility and action against the homeless encampments. So every time this happens, we're blaming the council member responsible for the district where the fire is located. We had the Bonin Fire in Bel-Air a few months ago, and today we had Krekorian Fire in North Hollywood.

Listen below to the report from KFI News' Andrew Mollenbeck:

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