Ontario High School Bans Boys Pep Squad From Dressing Like Cheerleaders

Ontario's Chaffey High School is banning the boys pep squad from dressing up as cheerleaders during their annual powderpuff football game.

The event coincides with the school's Backwards Day where the girls play football and the boys are on the sidelines cheering them on.

Students and parents aren't too happy with the break in tradition and took to social media with the #yestocrossdress to protest.

Chaffey Joint Union High School issued a statement on the decision saying: 

"Our school site leaders will always err on the side of protecting our students. While this activity has been a campus tradition, we understand, too, that there are sensitivities on all sides of the issue. This is not, as it has been framed, a 'ban on cross dressing,' rather a thoughtful compromise in response to the sensitivities that have been raised by a number of students and staff. "

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