Homeless Person Tossed Into Garbage Truck Prompts Investigation

A senior city official has been fired in San Diego after a homeless person was thrown into a garbage truck and almost killed. 

City work crews were working to clear a homeless encampment on December 22 when a tent containing a homeless man was tossed into the garbage truck. The man was able to avoid being crushed by mere seconds after crew members noticed his flailing arms and legs. The person was able to walk away from the incident before exchanging any information or getting medical assistance. 

A full investigation was performed and as a result, Environmental Services Deputy Director Angela Colton was terminated, Colton had worked for the city for 17 years. New, stringent rules have been implemented in the wake of the accident.  Supervisors will now be required to be present at clearings, body cameras will be activated, and photographs of the waste including empty tents will be taken and cataloged. Additionally, quarterly training will be given to crews for the sorting of bulky items.  

Read more at The San Diego Union Tribune 

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