Murderer To Be Granted Parole Threatens Lives Of L.A. D.A. & Family

L.A. County Deputy District Attorney John Lewin is worried that him and his family may be in grave danger after learning about a death threat from convicted murderer William T. Bradford.

Lewin said, "His cellmate had come forward and had relayed that he was making plans to not only murder me, but to murder my family in front of me first, and then to shoot me."

Bradford, who is 84-years-old and showing signs of dementia, is set to be granted parole after a commissioner decided he was no longer a danger to society.

"This man is still a significant danger, not just to me and my family, but anybody that he has bitter feelings toward," Lewin continued.

Bradford was originally sent to prison in 2002 for 26-years-to-life after being convicted for murdering his wife in 1988.

He was able to be granted parole after 16 years due to the sentencing laws in effect when he killed his wife.

Governor Jerry Brown could reverse the parole recommendation when he reviews it later this year.

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