Congressional Leaders Reach Bipartisan Two Year Budget Agreement

It looks like Congressional leaders will avoid a second government shutdown after agreeing to a two-year budget deal. The Hill reports the deal will lift budget caps and increase spending by $300 billion over two years, including around $80 billion for the military.

The two-year budget would increase non-defense spending by $131 billion. It will also include $80-90 billion in disaster relief money for areas affected by hurricanes and wildfires. 

The deal does not increase the debt limit, which the Congressional Budget Office predicts will be reached in early March. That could end up in the final version of the bill, but it adding it could risk losing conservative votes in the House. 

The bill is already facing opposition in the House because it does not deal with immigration reform. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she will not support any bill that does not protect "Dreamers" and demanded Paul Ryan promise to hold a vote on immigration reform in the House.

Congressional leaders are still confident they will have enough votes to pass the deal and avoid another government shutdown. 

Photo: Getty Images

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