Sheriff's deputies pull over low-flying balloons

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YUCAIPA, Calif. (AP) — Sheriff's deputies have pulled over two hot-air balloons for skimming rooftops in San Bernardino County.

The San Bernardino Sun reports that the Sheriff's Department began receiving calls shortly before 8 a.m. Tuesday about the balloons coming dangerously close to rooftops in Yucaipa and even hitting the tops of trees.

A sheriff's statement says deputies went to the neighborhood, where they saw a green balloon and a blue balloon flying above a golf course and coming within 5 feet of rooftops.

The deputies got the attention of the pilots and had them land. One set down on a high school baseball field and the other in an orange grove in Mentone.

Authorities will send a report to the Federal Aviation Administration, which will decide if the pilots violated any air laws.

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