$559.7M Lottery Winner Losing $50,000 Daily to Remain Anonymous

A New Hampshire woman's dreams unfortunately did not come true when she signed the back of her $559.7 million winning lottery ticket. 

The woman, Jane Doe, says that although she wants the money, it will turn her life completely around. In the past, lottery winners have been subjected to horrible crimes including murder and robbery. Jane Doe would prefer to avoid this as much as possible and continue to live a peaceful life in her small town. 

Powerball instructions states that lottery winners must sign their name on the winning ticket. If the name is scratched out then the ticket is voided. Jane Doe claims she was unaware that her signing her name would make it public and now stands to lose $50,000 a day if she does not claim her money soon. 

The court date is set for February 21st. 

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