P-23 Mountain Lion Killed By Vehicle Near Malibu Canyon Road

A mountain lion that was part of a federal study by biologists has been found dead after apparently being struck by a vehicle near Malibu Canyon Road the National Park Service announced today. 

The Santa Monica Mountains NPS tweeted that park officials found the mountain lion's remains a few days ago, and that she is the 18th mountain lion to have been killed by a vehicle since the study began in 2002. Better known as P-23, the wild animal has been tracked by biologists for nearly five-and-a-half years since she was only a few weeks old. Her life has been monitored as she left her mother, established her territory, and delivered three litters of kittens. 

P-23's death highlights the challenges faced by wildlife as they navigate around the many roads that wind their way through the canyons that was traditionally their territory. 

The mountain lion was 5 and a half years old, and had 

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