A CA Burger Place is Letting Customers Pay with Their Faces

A burger chain in California is launching new facial recognition technology, or as they refer to it, face pay, to purchase your meal.

CaliBurger marketing manager AJ Rochow says you can still order at the counter and pay with cash or card the traditional way, but using face pay is a safe and faster process.

He also says the technology can benefit those like him with health issues.

"I have really a bunch of allergy needs. I have a bunch of different health problems. The machine will read your face and recognize, 'Hey, these were your past three orders'." 

Rochow says it'll also pay off as the face pay system is tied to a rewards program that'll lead to some big discounts.

"Each dollar you spend is 'x' amount of Calipoints. Three thousand Calipoints is the equivalent of $3, so the customer has the option to use that for whatever he or she wants."

If you want to check out CaliBurger's face pay option, their Pasadena location is the first of their 40 stores to utilize the new tech.

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