Scott Baio Denies Sexual Allegations

On Wednesday, Scott Baio, appeared on Good Morning America to deny sexual allegations made against him. 

His co-star, Nicole Eggert, tweeted over the weekend that Baio would frequently sexually abuse her once a week during ages 14 - 16. 

Baio denied ever having a relationship with Eggert before the conclusion of their CBS television show, when Eggert was eighteen. 

During her visit on Megyn Kelly Today, Eggert admitted she'd lied in previous interviews regarding her and Baio's relationship beginning after 18. At the time, Eggert says she only wanted to cover up the shame she felt for beginning the relationship as a minor. 

 "He also was telling me, 'You can't tell anybody, this is illegal, I'll go to jail. The show will be over....' That's intimidating, especially when you're that young," said Nicole. 

Baio responded by saying, "I'm trying to figure out which time she's lying and which time she's not lying, because the story seems to change quite a bit and I can't keep up with her, quite honestly."

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