David Goldstein: LA DWP gives millions in ratepayer money to charities

CBS 2 investigative reporter David Goldstein is back with another great piece, exposing yet again just how corrupt and mismanaged the LA DWP is.

He found that the DWP is handing out more than $1 million a year in ratepayer money to charities and nonprofits. Goldstein also discovered that money going to one nonprofit has an LA DWP executive sitting on its board.

How can that be okay?

A number of the charities are related to energy or the environment, and some have no relation to the DWP at all. One charity is located in Santa Monica, which is not even in the DWP's territory. 

Martin Adams, chief operating officer for LA DWP, defended sending money to charities. He argued to Goldstein that doing so helps the community:

“We don’t want to be, every two months, sending a water and power bill, we need to be part of the fabric of Los Angeles."

What kind of nonsense is that?! The LADWP should strictly deal with water and power. That's what the ratepayers pay for!

 And yet they continue to get saddled with huge bills and fee hikes...unbelievable.

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