Stephen Moore: 'It's Trump's Economy Now'

Stephen Moore is a Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, and he was a Senior Economic Adviser to President Trump's campaign. 

He has an opinion piece in the New York Times called "It's Trump's Economy Now." Here's the beginning of his OP-ED:

If you can, put aside for a moment your opinion of Donald Trump’s words and actions and let’s be perfectly honest: One year into his presidency, could the economy be any rosier?

The economy grew at a rate of about 3 percent in the last three quarters, something that economists said was very unlikely just a year ago. The more than 40 percent increase in the Dow Jones industrial average since Election Day means a nearly $7 trillion jump in wealth. That has benefited the rich, yes, but every one of the 55 million Americans with a 401(k) plan, the 20 million with IRAs and the millions more with public and private pension plans have benefited, too. I would argue that investors are turning lower business tax rates on profits and the administration’s rollback of regulations into higher stock valuations...

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