Say Hello to P-42 and Her Litter of Kittens

The Santa Monica Mountains Twitter account has posted footage of P-42 and her litter of kittens and we have to say, they're pretty dang adorable! 

In the clip, you can see the kittens come out to play and explore the world a bit while Mom's out hunting for food. The footage was taken on December 12th and 13th, so presumably, the kittens have had another month and a half to grow even bigger (and cuter). 

According to the Santa Monica Mountains Twitter account, the kittens have a lot of challenges ahead, and they hope to collar them when they're a bit older to get a better understanding of how the kittens transition into adulthood. 

Officials have tracked several mountain lions over the years, including P-39, who was killed by a car on the 118 freeway in 2016 and P-23, which birthed her own litter of kittens last April. 

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