Study: Climate change is causing depression and anxiety

According to a new study published in the journal Global Environmental Change, there are Americans out there so worked up over climate change that it's giving them depression and anxiety.

The study found that the hardest hit are women and low-income people. Symptoms include feeling restless at night, lethargy, and feeling lonely.

Sabrina Helm, professor of family and consumer sciences at the University of Arizona and lead author of the study, told Reuters:

“Climate change is a persistent global stressor."

The research says that depression doesn't show up in people worried about climate change's risks to humanity, but it does appear in people worried about climate change's impact on other species, plants, nature overall.

Researchers got their information from 342 online surveys of respondents whose views broadly reflect the U.S. population.

Does climate change make you toss and turn at night?

Click here to read more at Reuters.

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