Vegas Massacre Victim Recovering from Head Shot

Thirty year old, Jovanna Calzadillas, is miraculously recovering from a fatal shot to the head during the October 1, 2017 Route 91 Harvest Festival. As you remember, the tragic attack left 58 people murdered and another 851 injured. 

Many people, including her doctors, did not have much hope for the wife and mother of two. Frank Calzadillas, Jovanna's husband, was told to prepare for the worst and decide if he would like her organs to be donated. 

Still, her husband held hope and kept her on life support. 

Thank goodness! By the next month, Jovanna, had already began walking, speaking, eating and drinking on her own. Today, she is getting ready to head home, but continue therapy. Her recovery has been speedy and we can only hope the best! 

Read more at The Review Journal 

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