#TechTalk: Electronics Can Help Promote Your Health

It's 2018 everyone and it might be time to update that health regimen of yours. We don't mean changing up that protein shake you love so much. We're talking about adding a specific technological assistance to your daily life. 

Imagine having a personal assistant who motivates you to get up and work out or notifying you when to just chill. Check out some electronic assistants to get your life ready and moving this year.

- Get a Good Nights Sleep

If you fall under the 40% of people not getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep each night, you should consider a sleep aid. Many trackers go behind wake up alarms, they monitor your sleep habits and activity. A new device called SmartSleep uses two sensors to read your sleep waves and use calming music to delve you deeper into a great night sleep.

- Get a Move on 

How about a smart scale activity tracker? Make working out easier by adding portable trackers such as a Fitbit to your life. Track workout necessary info by keeping tabs on your heart rate, calories burned, and steps. 

- Relax

Consider adding meditation to your daily schedule with a few easy apps on your phone. A quick download can ease you into 5 minute meditation lessons that can lead to better sleep and happiness. 

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