Sober Living Operator Agrees To Shut Down Three Sites in Costa Mesa

Three sober living homes in Costa Mesa will be closed as part of a legal settlement with the city according to a press release from the city on Tuesday. 

Morningside Recovery LLC agreed to close its operations at  1798 Pomona Ave., 2558 Orange Ave. and 2964 Peppertree Lane, and pay the city of Costa Mesa $20,000 in legal fees and code enforcement costs.

“This is a great outcome for the residents of Costa Mesa,” Mayor Pro Tem Allan Mansoor wrote in a statement. “We are happy that the group home operator decided to work with us and settle this without significant court costs for either party. Hopefully, this sends a message to others that we will strictly enforce our city ordinances and ensure that our neighborhoods maintain a balance that is good for all residents.”

The city initiated the action against Morningside Recovery after accusing the sober-living facility of not having the proper permits and operating illegally by not obeying the city's sober-living home ordinances. 

Over the years, Costa Mesa has become a hub for drug treatment centers, earning the nickname "Rehab Riviera." A recent investigation by the Southern California News group revealed extensive abuses within rehabilitation centers in the region. Critics say many of the rehabilitation centers exploit addiction for profit and adding to the homeless crisis by luring addicts from other states with one-way tickets, only to 'curb' them by leaving them on the streets once their insurance runs out. 

Photo: Getty Images

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