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Earthquakes have been popping up more and more lately and many say it's just the pre-cursor to the next "big one".

In preparation of the big quake, many buildings have undergone retrofitting to better withstand the shocks.

And with major damage comes bills of thousands of dollars as only 10% of California homeowners have earthquake insurance.

The Los Angeles Times reports that to help out certain SoCal residents, the California Earthquake Authority has a established a grant to fund retrofitting efforts.

The statewide average cost of such a retrofit is about $5,000, although many simpler retrofits in Southern California are running in the $3,000 range.

The program, called Earthquake Brace + Bolt, reopened its registration list for the first time in a year Tuesday. Grants are available in certain regions of California. Registration closes on Feb. 23; applications can be filed online at www.earthquakebracebolt.com.

Dean Sharp has all the details on retrofitting homes and other earthquake tips and tricks in today's "Handel & The House Whisperer" segment!

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