Exchanging Last Names is Now a Dating Milestone

The fad of online dating has now officially changed the way in which prospective partners can interact with each other. 

It's now considered weird and invasive to ask for a dates last name before a couple of outings with them. A rookie internet user, equipped with a full name, can hunt down nearly all your information (that you publicly include) on the web. 

You're probably yelling, "How!?" Well, think about it. If you have a LinkedIn, all of your employer history is included there. Maybe you have an Instagram or Facebook where your education history, musical interest, or old embarrassing fashion choices are now accessible to essentially a stranger. 

Due to our lives being so public via social media, people are opting to preserve a bit of privacy wherever they can. More than that, people are wishing to uphold that online image they have particularly crafted for dating prospects to see. Of course you can't keep your last name private forever. Until that trust is built, however, it could be better for you to keep quiet. Shhhh! 

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