Wednesday with Dr. Wendy: "Micro-Cheating" is Just Human Nature

It's a bit hard to determine what constitutes as cheating anymore, right? The wrong emoji to an attractive co-worker can raise a storm of speculation from your partner. 

Or what about if you were to check out a passerby? 

Many people would call these acts micro-cheating and deem the relationship to be in trouble. In fact, its more like a form of possessiveness to believe that your partner should only ever focus on you for the rest of your lives. 

It's not cheating to find people other than your partner attractive. In fact, it's quite normal according to the Coolidge Effect.

Basically what this means is that our sexual interest in a partner depletes over time, but comes right back with a new partner. 

You, of course, can still be madly in love with your partner. It's just human nature for some people to lose a bit of sexual interest over time. 

There's a few ways to combat this and keep things fresh like introducing variety in your relationship. 

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