Perris Family was Planning to Move Within Days

Moving boxes decked the halls when the infamous Perris couple, David and Louise Turpin, were preparing to move their entire family from California to Oklahoma. 

Not too sure if this is what may have prompted the 17 year old daughter to sneak out and call 9/11, but authorities quickly responded rushing to the Turpin home. 

Law enforcement has said that the 13 children were abused for years and lacked personal care. Doctors visits were limited and the children had never visited a dentist in their life. Although David Turpin was transferring to Oklahoma for a job, it raises the question that maybe there was another reason for the big move.

Possibly a potential neighbor or a friend digging too much into the families personal life? 

With a case like this, speculation is bound to cross your mind. What is the correct response when you believe strange activity is going on with the neighbors? Is it okay to be upfront and just ask your questions? 

Our melting pot home of America gives us a bit of pause because it's never a good idea to offend another person's culture or traditions that we could mistake for strange behavior. So how do we know? 

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