Illegal alien Uber driver charged with 4 rapes in California

Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez - County of San Luis Obispo

(Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez - County of San Luis Obispo)

An illegal alien from Mexico used his job as an Uber driver to prey on young drunk women and assault them. Yesterday he was charged with raping, assaulting, and robbing for California women.

Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez drove the victims to their homes, assaulted them, and stole items such as cellphones, computers, and jewelry. 

He would collect fare through the Venmo app to hide his identity and his Uber records. San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow said DNA evidence helped lead detectives to Alarcon-Nunez's Santa Maria home where he was arrested last week.

Alarcon-Nunez committed his crimes in mid-December over the course of four weeks in San Luis Obispo, and his victims are between 19 and 22. Three of them were drunk when they were attacked.

39-year-old Alarcon-Nunez is looking at 10 criminal charges including rape of an intoxicated victim and first-degree burglary. He pleaded not guilty to all charges and was put back in San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $1.47 million.

His next court date is set for January 29th. 

San Luis Obispo County D.A. Dan Dow says detectives are looking for witnesses to see if there are more victims out there.  He joined us this afternoon with more on the investigation:

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