#TastyTuesday How To Bake a Better Pie Than Grandma's

Whether you eat pies, make them, or just throw them into clowns faces at carnivals - it's time to learn how to make the best one. 

Trust me, store bought won't hold a candle to yours! Check out these easy tips on how to make the best pie. 

Cold Ingredients are the Best Ingredients 

- To get that flaky, buttery crust we all love so much, use freezing cold butter and ice water. If it helps, cut your butter into cubes first, then throw into the freezer for 30 minutes. 

Keep the Flour Minimal

- When rolling out your dough, try to ease up on the flour. If it absorbs, then your crust may not be as flaky and soft. 

Protect Your Crust

- No one likes burnt pie crust! Why waste all that good food? Crazy! Use a protector such as aluminum foil or even an actual pie shield to keep your dessert in tip-top shape. 

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