California Close to Naming the Official Sport of the State

California has a lot of official state 'things'. The state flower is the poppy, the state fruit is avocado, and the state bird is the California Quayle. Well, get ready to add surfing to the list as the official state sport. That's if State assembly members Al Muratsuchi and Ian Calderon get their way. 

Muratsuchi and Calderon have introduced Assembly Bill 1782 to make surfing the official sport of the state.  

 “Nothing represents the California Dream better than surfing—riding the waves and living in harmony with the beautiful beaches and ocean of our Golden State," writes Muratsuchi. 

Surfing is a $6 billion industry enjoyed by all kinds of people. In fact, both assembly members who proposed the bill love to surf. If the bill passes, California would become the fourth state to have an official sport. Alaska (dog mushing, Texas (rodeo), and North Carolina (NASCAR) are the leaders of the movement. 

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